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16 septembre 2013

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Just about all contact lens users only do not enjoy the process of removing the lenses and cleaning them each night and again use it each day. Individuals who are preparing to switch on to the application of contact lens instead of wearing thick & heavy eyeglasses generally ponder over this very element and tend to change their selection. Now, either people are leading a very hectic lifestyle or they are not in any way convinced to confront the additional hassles that the contacts usually bring along with them. To tap this opportunity, CIBA Vision contact lenses, among the top brands, have come up with acuvue oasys rebate. These lenses are fairly flexible for wearing within the day as well as through the night resulting into total relief for the eyes.


Air Optix lenses are made of a fresh sort of radical material called Sifilcon that is just a unique fusion of oxygen and wet resulting into high oxygen permeability – around five times than standard. Not only that, these lenses consist aqua moisture system to furnish a moister surface to the lenses. Therefore, your eyes keep high amount of moisture and do not dry up. Even, possible sleep wearing these lenses.


It is common for conventional lens wearers to suffer from dryness associated eye issues which could vary from irritation within the eyes to redness and illness. Ciba Vision has created their Air Optix lenses with this issue in your mind too. The surface of these radical lenses is made up of more than thirty percent water and so provides a more moist surface. Let’s take a short look in the Two innovative products:


Air Optix Night and Day

These lenses are for those folks who live a busy life and do not have the time to mind their lenses and also to take them off before they drift off. These lenses could be worn for up to thirty nights constantly and its Aqua moisture system ensures your eyes do not get dry and aren’t deprived of the oxygen they need.


Air Optix Aqua

The Aqua lenses also offer optimum breathability and the Aqua moisture system keeps the eyes safe from dryness. These lenses are also resistant to all sorts of deposit develop on its surface, making it among the most comfortable, eye-friendly and healthy lenses in the industryplace.


Those satisfied with Air Optix Night & Day Aqua enthuse about the natural feeling they get with their use, which increases as a result of not having to ‘bother’ with them for an extended period. Also, reduction in ‘red eye’ or aggravation, along with the fresh sense stemming from the oxygen flow-through the lens increases their relaxation. Impromptu naps can happen without concern for failing to remove them.


Should you be a busy mother, frequent business traveler, involved student, or just want a couple less hassles in your lifetime, then Air Optix Night & Day Aqua could be the contact for you Read More Here.

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